Frequently Asked Questions - Cornwall self catering

St. Mawes HarbourWho and what are Cornwall Waterfront Homes?
Cornwall Waterfront Homes is the trading name for Karen & Robert Clifford-Wing’s self catering apartments located in St. Mawes and Philleigh on the Roseland Peninsular in Cornwall. They pride themselves in providing the very best quality accommodation for their visitors.

How do I know that your self catering properties will be as they appear on this site?
Every care has been taken to represent the apartments in an accurate manner so that you can see exactly what you will be staying in.

What’s St Mawes like?
St Mawes is a small fishing village on the Roseland Peninsular, situated on the south coast of Cornwall. It is well known for being one of the most unspoiled Cornish villages that there is. As a place to stay at on holiday, most people adore it and return year after year. The village is not too crowded and renown for its beauty.

How big is Philleigh
Philleigh is a small Cornish hamlet about 6 miles away from St. Mawes; it's remained the same for well over 100 years. There's a great Pub there called The Roseland Inn and a beautiful church, and plenty of peace and quiet. The nearest beach is less than two miles away.Carracknath Point

Is the water in the photographs really that colour?
Yes it really was that colour and that clear when the photographs were taken (in early March as well); the shots were not enhanced in any way apart from splicing the panoramic views, as we haven't a wide enough angled lens to catch it all in one go, but it really is that good!

What is there to do?
As little or as much as you wish. St. Mawes and the Roseland Peninsular are great locations to relax and unwind; however there’s a host of places within easy reach of the village that offer loads of different activities, such as water-skiing, sailing, walking, riding, golfing and many more. Eden Project, Heligan Gardens, National Trust Properties, famous Cornish gardens and many other interesting venus are within easy reach.

We love to walk, are there any close by?
Yes, nearly all the coast line is owned by the National Trust, so there's miles of stunningly beautiful coastal paths; some of which pass really rather good Pubs; so lunch is always an option. Don't forget to take the passenger ferry from St. Mawes harbour to the facing peninsular and walk along the headlands to "Fraggle Rock" (St. Anthony Lighthouse), the sea views are magnificent!

Is there anywhere near to eat that serves good food?
St Mawes has seven places to eat in. They range from Hotel Tresanton, with its renowned restaurant, to Pubs, restaurants, and hotel dining restaurants. The Roseland also has many other hostelries within easy driving distance; and there’s always the water taxi or ferry if you fancy eating in Falmouth or one of the many pubs on the river.Cornish Beach

You mention a ''Spanish'' Style Balcony, what’s that?
Whilst completely refurbishing the building, we were lucky enough to gain planning consent for full width and height sliding doors in the Sail Loft. The Spanish balcony is a stainless steel railing allowing the windows to be fully opened and for you in complete safety to enjoy the views from four floors up; and they’re stunning!

What are the beaches like?
St Mawes has three beaches, Summers, Tavern and the Harbour. All three are safe to swim from. The nice thing about the harbour beach is that it’s only a road’s width from the apartments, so you can sit on the balcony and watch the children play on the beach in total safety, whilst you enjoy the view and maybe a Gin or two?

What should we bring with us?
We provide inclusive with the rental all linen (bed linen, bath sheets, hand towels, tea towels), dishwasher tablets and some washing up liquid. We suggest that you bring with you beach towels, soap, toiletries and may be food for the first day.

What are the local shops like?
As far as food goes St. Mawes has a very well stocked locally owned supermarket and two delis, as well as a bakery and butchery. There is a Lloyds and Barclay’s bank, a dentist, a doctor’s surgery and a good mix of boutiques and other privately owned retail outlets.Smugglers Cottage Roseland Peninsular

My son is a keen windsurfer, is there anywhere to wind surf from?
Definitely; the beaches and local waters are ideal for all types of water sports; except for water-skiing which is restricted to specific areas. The local sailing club has a clubhouse with a bar and is a great place to meet other sailors.

Do you have any out of season deals?
We offer a discount for any client that takes a week in winter, having stayed with us during the season. The rates are very competitive for those periods before the discount, so it’s a great deal!

Can we stay for less than a week?
Yes, we can organise 3-day breaks subject to availability, please contact us for a quotation.

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